Saturday, April 2, 2011


Andrew and I spent most of today finishing up the to-do list. Here are a few things we accomplished...

-Oil Changed in both cars...CHECK (Andrew does this all by himself, he rocks)
-Grass seed spread over the yard...CHECK
-Landscaping "fluffed" and "cleaned out"...CHECK
-Target run...CHECK (We had a big list here!!)
-Piece for the back of the Escape bought and installed...CHECK
-Kitchen, Living Room, bathrooms cleaned...CHECK
-Couches vacuumed...CHECK
-Dogs bathed...CHECK
-Grass cut...CHECK

I might have forgotten a few things, but the bags are still packed, and her room is ready...Now all we need is our sweet baby girl!

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Anonymous said...

The Gilliam's are so excited for you! Sounds like you all are as ready as you can be. Wow. You've been very busy. We can't wait for Elsie's arrival! We are praying for you all. Love, Cindy and family