Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's been going on??

So, Emily told me that I needed a new blog post and I don't have the patience tonight to put up pictures...so my friends, you great an exciting blog post with only words...

What's been going on at the Hughes' House? LOTS!!!

-Last week was Spring Break-I cleaned, packed my hospital bag, packed Elsie's bag, ran errands, cleaned some more, and sat in my recliner LOTS

-We went to a breast feeding class on Saturday. I think I am ready, even though it seemed like a lot of work.

-We got a tour of the hospital last week also. I will be in the same room the whole time I am there. Which means, I will deliver Elsie in the same bed I will be hanging out in for the next 48 hours (unless a c-section occurs).

-We also pre-registered for the hospital. Answered lots of questions and signed my life away.

-We have someone on call to watch our dogs while we are in the hospital...THANKS TRAVIS!!

-My job for next year will not be funded, so I got an excess letter. Transfer postings came open today, so I will have to decide what to do. PRAY will be the first thing because I am feeling VERY overwhelmed right now!!

-Elsie weighs about 6.5 lbs, had long legs, and a small head. I am NOT complaining about this.

-I have progressed a "soft" 1 cm. (she seems to be in no hurry to get out) But she is head down.

-I will be getting a neice or nephew from the Congo in the somewhat near future...check out my bro and sis in law's blog at jochimsjoys.blogspot.com

-I AM SOOO ready for Spring and to meet our baby girl!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bella Joy turns 1

My sweet niece, Bella Joy, turned one last week. Rememeber, we have the same birthday, so that baby girl will always be EXTRA special to her Auntie Manda. We celebrated with her this weekend at her Lady Bug themed party. Enjoy the picture from the day.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

35 weeks

**note the non-cuteness of this picture. I always change out of my work clothes as soon as I get home. This day, I had taken the dogs for a walk, made dinner, and cleaned up the house a little, thus the rough look!

How far along: 35 Weeks
Total Weight Gained: 9 lbs....Goal is to stay less than 20:)
Maternity Clothes: Yes! Pants all the time and I can still wear a few of my regular shirts.
Sleep: Last night was up an hour or so a couple of different times. I hope this is NOT a trend!
Best Moment of the Week(s): 2 more showers! Our baby girl is BEYOND blessed. Being able to see my tummy move when I lay in the recliner.
Movement: LOTS! The recliner is her favorite. She will move the most with my feet propped up and leaning back. She also loves to play in my ribs when sitting at work.
Food Cravings: ummm..nothing I can really thing of.
Food Aversions: Nothing really...
Symptoms: Swollen fingers and toes by the end of the day. I can't wear my rings anymore....
What I miss: A tummy with no stretch marks...
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing more pictures of Jackson and Emmalyn. Two of our really good couple friends had babies today and yesterday.
Other news: Met with a pediatrician yesterday. He was very nice and we are going to be going to him. Thanks to the neighbor for the recommendation.
I go back to the doctor Monday for my "check up" and Andrew leaves Monday for a work trip for 3 nights. Bella Joy turns 1 and I turn 26 on Tuesday!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The nursery...ALMOST finished

So, after spending lots of time in the nursery on Sunday cleaning up from the most recent showers, I do believe the room is pretty much finished. The only thing left to do is take pictures of Andrew and I and the dogs to add to the frames. So, here ya go...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stay Tuned

Coming up sometime soon on the blog...
-Baby Shower #3 with Andrew's family
-Baby Shower #4 at work
-Nursery all put together
-34 week update
-hopefully (if I can figure it out) a new header:)

I will be working on these posts soon:-) For now, it's off to small group after a busy day at work.