Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's been going on??

So, Emily told me that I needed a new blog post and I don't have the patience tonight to put up pictures...so my friends, you great an exciting blog post with only words...

What's been going on at the Hughes' House? LOTS!!!

-Last week was Spring Break-I cleaned, packed my hospital bag, packed Elsie's bag, ran errands, cleaned some more, and sat in my recliner LOTS

-We went to a breast feeding class on Saturday. I think I am ready, even though it seemed like a lot of work.

-We got a tour of the hospital last week also. I will be in the same room the whole time I am there. Which means, I will deliver Elsie in the same bed I will be hanging out in for the next 48 hours (unless a c-section occurs).

-We also pre-registered for the hospital. Answered lots of questions and signed my life away.

-We have someone on call to watch our dogs while we are in the hospital...THANKS TRAVIS!!

-My job for next year will not be funded, so I got an excess letter. Transfer postings came open today, so I will have to decide what to do. PRAY will be the first thing because I am feeling VERY overwhelmed right now!!

-Elsie weighs about 6.5 lbs, had long legs, and a small head. I am NOT complaining about this.

-I have progressed a "soft" 1 cm. (she seems to be in no hurry to get out) But she is head down.

-I will be getting a neice or nephew from the Congo in the somewhat near future...check out my bro and sis in law's blog at jochimsjoys.blogspot.com

-I AM SOOO ready for Spring and to meet our baby girl!!!


Kelsey712 said...

your dr's appointment sounds like it went about like my last one did. My doc said I was dilated a fingertip and my cervix was still very thick. She laughed and said she'd see us next week!

Good luck :) I hope you're doing well!

sabrina said...

Emily was correct, we did need a new blog post : )

Cant wait to hear all about this adventure! Praying for wisdom with the job decisions.