Sunday, September 12, 2010

BIG News!!

So, I am sure that the 5 of you that read my blog have heard by now that Andrew and I are having a baby!!!!!

Little Hughes will make his/her debut sometime around April 10. We should be able to find out the sex around Thanksgiving. So, YES, we will be finding out if we are having a boy or a girl. If you know me, I HATE surprises and I am a HUGE planner. So, for my nerves and Andrew's Sanity, we will be finding out.

We are definitely excited and this has been a long road coming...Here is our timeline...

November 2008...decided we wanted to try to have kids, so I got off of birth control (which later, I feel was a waste of money)

January 2009...really started trying

July 2009...still nothing, but we found out that my little bro Adam and his wife Emily were expecting. This hurt at first, as I always thought I would be the first. After talking to God and realizing that was MY plan not his, and talking to Emily...I started shopping and getting super excited for Baby J's debut.

December 2009...went to the doctor and so began a series of testing. I had an ultrasound (which I had NO idea what was about to happen...if you know what I mean...) Also, had some bloodwork done. Everything was normal.

January 2010...Had an HSG done, painful and NOT FUN...everything normal

February or March 2010...started taking clomid to help me ovulate. NOTHING happened. So, they upped my dosage the next month...STILL nothing happened. So at this point, I know my body has issues with ovulation.

June 2010...the dr. decides that we should try an HCG shot in addition to the Clomid. So, I had to take Clomid for 5 days at the exact same time every day. Then I had to go in for an ultrasound and get an injection....FIRST time DIDN'T work.

July 2010...try the same process... AND IT WORKED!!!!!

When I took a test the first week of August, I didn't believe it. The line wasn't dark enough. The next day, tested again, the line wasn't much darker. The third day...same thing. So, I decided I was going to go get a digital test that either said PREGNANT or NOT. So, I did and it said pregnant.

WOO HOO! I called the dr. and had to wait a month to go, then when I did go, they don't do ultrasounds, or blood work to confirm. So, I insisted on extra blood work to confirm (I'm a freak...sorry). She called to let me know it was definitely positive blood work.

So here we are. Today marks week 10. I go to the dr. in 2 weeks and we should get to hear the heartbeat:)