Monday, May 18, 2009

Decorating ideas!!??!!

The game room...WKU theme and I have some ideas for the huge walls, but it's still in the process of getting done, so offer suggestions...I might like your ideas too:)

Guest bedroom...obviously not much on the walls...I am not creative, so any cheap, cute ideas would be greatly appreciated!

The HUGE entertainment center that we got a HUGE deal on. I think I want to move the plate on the left and get a vase with fake flowers...suggestions?

The living room except we got a much bigger mirror and we are in the process of exchanging the ottoman...We are getting one with shorter legs and matches the color of the chair.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Maybe I will get better...

I am not very good at keeping up to date on my blog. I will post pictures when I get them uploaded onto my computer. I am currently sitting on my new couch at the new house!! I had an interview at an elementary school Thursday morning, so I took Friday off too, so I didn't have to drive back and forth again. Please pray that I can find a job up here. The sooner the better so I can have a relaxing summer.

The dogs are both sleeping right now and Andy Griffith is in the background. I just finished laundry and I am getting ready to clean the bathroom. I am listening to the builders working on the other houses on the street. I am going crazy to find out who is going to live next door. I hope and pray we get awesome neighbors. I also hope we get grass soon. I am sick of driving up to a mudd pit as a front yard. I want to plant flowers, and put up my "H" sign, but I have to wait until we get grass.

8 more days of school left with kids, and 9 for teachers. WOO HOO!! but sad all at the same time. I LOVE my job right now and I am going to cry like a baby when I have to leave my kiddos. These kids have taught me to so much and my assistants have been so awesome to work with. My fellow teachers rock! I couldn't have asked for a better year.

We are going camping next weekend. We are going to put up our tent in the garage tomorrow to make sure it is all there. We usually sleep in the camper with my parents, but since we got another dog and Andrew snores so loudly, we have been kicked out of the camper. I hope all goes well sleeping in the tent with 2 dogs. I will post more pictures later tonight when I finally get them uploaded to the computer.