Friday, April 23, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

So, I am putting off cleaning my house by.....

trying out this Fab 5 Friday thing!

1. Tuesday, I went and bought a storm door to go on the front door of our house. Andrew spent 4 hours (3 with my dad helping) putting it in. I LOVE having my front door open and letting the light in!!!!
Larson 36" Signature Series Bevel White Storm Door Brushed Nickel
2. Childrens Books of any size, shape or kind. I have an obsession with Scholastic Book Order forms and have to restrain myself or I would be a SUPER poor teacher with way too many books.

3. Retractable dog leashes: For those of you that don't know. We have 2 beagle mix dogs. They used to be allowed to go out back to potty without leashes, but after chasing them one too many times, they have to go out on a leash. So, I stand on the patio and they go to the yard to do their business. Well, Monday, one of them broke (while the neighbor girl had Dopey). I didn't realize how much I liked them, until one of them was gone.
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4. my sewing machine: Andrew told me to get a hobby...(due to me being bored so often), So I did. I have made burpies, dresses, onsies and I hope to try a little outfit this summer.
Product Image
5. A kitchen disinfectant that smells good:)
All Purpose Cleaner

I guess I am off to clean now...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring in the Hughes' yard

The first sign of Spring in the Hughes' house is the open windows. Luckily, neither Andrew or I suffer from allergies, so we have our windows open ALL spring. I get super excited when the electric bill comes and it's smaller. Addie also LOVES the windows are open because she gets to be super nosey and stare out the window.
We got these hostas from my mom. They are growing so quickly and look amazing!
We bought this tree in the fall, they planted it in the winter, and we finally get to see how it looks in our yard. I'm excited to watch it continue to bloom.
I planted tulips last year by the mailbox and about 1/2 of them came back this year. So beautiful!