Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sorry, it's been a while!

So since my last update, we have been to St. Louis, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, and we had company times 2. AND my pictures of the experiences are on my memory card, which we left in Bowling Green. :(

Andrew had never been to St. Louis. So we up and left Friday afternoon and went to the arch (but not up in it), got to go by the new Busch Stadium, and went to a concert in the park. Then, Saturday we got up early and went to the zoo, followed by lunch and the Science Center. We ended the day with the City Museum (which I suggest to anyone going to St. Louis). Finally, we were pooped and we drove back to Evansville.

The next weekend we went to Cincinnati with my parents and went to IKEA. Then, we ate dinner at P.F. Changs (YUMMO!!). After some time in the hot tub, we called it a night. Sunday, we went to the Newport Aquarium and then headed home.

Company was next. The sweetest Gilliam family came to visit. Andrew took a half day Friday and we went swimming *all the pics are on my camera in BG*. We came back to our house and cooked out, then went to walk on the river front. *the pics below* Saturday, we got up and hung out, Andrew made some pancakes and they were on their way. As they left, we headed out for Lake Barkley. Some friends have a house and my aunt and uncle have a pontoon. Andrew and I had the pleasure of sharing a twin bed, which we choose instead of the floor.

Bowling Green is next in the month of craziness. We were able to go in time Friday to eat dinner with the amazing Snyder game and went to see the Chamber Kentucky Concert featuring the Beatles. After babysitting for the show year after year, I finally got to experience it and it was great. We spent the night with the Snyders and got to hang out Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon, we headed to Hendersonville, TN to party with Andrew's cousin Michelle for the graduation from MTSU. Saturday night, we got the precious Crosby boys and headed to Andrew's parents house for dinner. Sunday was great to be back at Living HOpe and to see dear dear friends there. Then we went to lunchw ith Keila and Andy and got to hang out with them for the afternoon.

Last weekend, Andrew's friend Will and his g/f stopped by our house on their way from Bowling Green to Chicago. It was great to see Will and to meet his g/f and dog. Sunday, we were on the river all day with Uncle Paul. Now school is back in the full swing of things! I'll post on that some other time, it's a whole post in itself:)