Sunday, April 10, 2011

Productive Day

Andrew and I have had a very productive day to this point. I am loving the sense of accompishment and knowing we are more ready now for our baby girl to come.

Today, we slept in, made breakfast (skipped church on accident, time got away from us), cooked breakfast/dinner meals to freeze, worked in the yard, cleaned up the house, and I think that's it.

As Andrew finishes mowing/weed eating, I have my feet propped up as they are HUGE and SWOLLEN from standing in the kitchen for 3 hours. Here are some photos from our cooking day.

tex mex chicken baking

kept some goodies out for this week

muffins and granola bars/lasagna ready for the freezer

We also cooked turkey thighs, chicken enchiladas, and taco meat.


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sabrina said...

Yay for being productive! I am thinking you should probably share the tex mex chicken recipe : )