Tuesday, December 29, 2009

more Christmas Celebrations

Here are some picture to capture the rest of our Christmas celebrations...

family getting presents, Zachary hamming it up for the camera, grandma's cooking!!
dirty Santa, lots of people, good times hanging out, new puppies (not for us), family love,

matching presents, lots of presents, giving and receiving, loving and sharing, rock band playing,

more matching presents, WKU attire, more giving and loving, fun times all around!

O yeah! I learned how to shoot a gun, rifle and shot gun mind you, AND I learned a clay pigeon is not at all a pigeon.

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Brittany said...

Ha! I didn't know a clay pigeon wasn't a pigeon either! :( too funny!

Hey girl!

Just a little FYI:

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One of the downsides of "privacy"!

Have a good 1st week in 2010!