Thursday, January 7, 2010

weekend painting project

Yes, we painted our bathroom. Since our house is new, we have very little, I decided to start with the bathroom. I have been looking for a shower curtain for quite some time now. As soon as I found one, I was going to paint and decorated around that. I usually don't frequent Wal-Mart, but last week, I ventured in and found THE ONE! Later that night, I went to Kohl's and spend an hour looking at towels to match. I had $40 in gift cards, so I didn't have to "pay" for the towels. Then, I ran over to Home Depot and spend LOTS of time trying to find just the right color. The poor man working didn't know what he was going to encounter when I came in that night. So, about an hour later and other gift card purchase (the gift card here was a VERY late wedding gift, always a nice surprise).
When we got home from Atlanta at 8 pm on Friday night, I was SOOOO excited and wanted to paint right away. Andrew had different ideas...."game time" was on the top of his list. But, being the amazing husband that he is, we painted coat #1. Saturday night, we ran by Kirklands to look for something to put on the wall. I left Andrew in the car (for a good reason) I was like a kid in a candy store. I found SO much stuff, I finally deicded and spend less than $30 on all of the decor in here!! Then, we went to mom's to play some games. We stayed until 10pm and guess what we did when we got home...Coat #2. Then, Sunday, all we had to do was a little touching up next to the ceiling and putting up the curtain, pictures, etc. and TAA's done.

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