Tuesday, December 15, 2009

please pray for this sweet boy

This is a story that was on the news about a kiddo at one of my schools. The young man and his family need your prayers! He is the sweetest little boy!


Most parents have high hopes for their children.They want to see them succeed in life and be as happy as possible.But for one local family, that dream became a nightmare when their son was diagnosed with a rare and deadly disease.In this weeks Family First we meet nine year old Alex HuckHe was good at sports and did well in school, but all of that changed last school year, when Alex started acting out in class.At first school officials and family members attributed it to ADHD, but as the symptoms got worse, so did the fears there was something seriously wrong with Alex.After a visit to Riley's Children's Hospital last fall, Alex was diagnosed with Adreno leukodystrophy, a deadly disease affecting boys between the ages of four and ten.Alex's little brother has a fifty-fifty chance of getting the disease as well.He's getting tested later this week.A fund for Alex has been set up at Integra Bank to help family members cope with the mounting medical bills.The PTA will be holding fundraisers for Alex in the coming months.

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