Thursday, November 13, 2008


The buyer accepted our offer, so we have a house friends!!! We will close on the house March 16th. Happy Birthday to me. On Sunday, we will be driving to Evansville to pick out siding and brick. The two pictures attached are our house (the not done one) and what the front will look similiar to when it is done. we are so excited and God has blessed us in so many ways!! Notice the sold sign in the front yard!


Melanie said...

Congratulations!! It looks perfect. I wish buying a house like that was easy in PA. All the houses that are newer are huge and out of our price range. We are probably going to get stuck buying an old fixer upper, having to fix it up... then in a few years sell it when we can afford something nicer. We are so happy for you and Andrew. You are blessed in so many ways. Love you!!!!

alex said...

i can't wait to visit!