Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Weekend

Andrew and I enjoyed our weekend together in Bowling Green! Friday night, we worked at Natcher's Fall Festival, WOW, there were a TON of people there. Then, we went to watch some Friday Night Football. Saturday was nothing but LAZY! It was fabulous! Today, we went to church, lunch, and hung out with Ann Marie. We did some shopping and went to dinner with Emily.

Now, Adam, my brother who is living with me, just left for Washington, DC. He is going to be working there through the weeks. So, I am at my house alone. Well, Emily will be with me alot! Both of our loves are working out of town, so we much stick together. I still have yet to stay the night by myself, but I think that time in my life might be coming to a close. I am sure you will hear all about it when I finally do stay by myself. I'll leave you with a super cute picture.

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Adam and Emily said...

yes, yes. we must stick together...i just wish we were stickin together WITH our loves! :)