Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1-Year Anniversary

So, Andrew and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary yesterday. We started celebrating Friday afternoon and evening by going to Jasper, IN (not a real big place) and staying in the hotel for the night. We went out to dinner only to find out on the way that Andrew forgot the Holiday World tickets at my parent's house in Evansville. So, we went back to Evansville after dinner (about an hour away) to get the tickets.

Saturday we went to Holiday World. It was perfect. We were re-living our honeymoon, just not to the extent of Universal Studios. We had a fun day full of roller coasters and the water park. We went back to my parents' house Saturday night and played games. Sunday, we were going to go out to breakfast and to open houses', but due to Hurricane Ike coming up north, fallen tree branches, and no electricity, we just hung out around the house.

Monday, was our actual anniversay. Andrew was working in Evansville and I was having a normal day of teaching. I had planned to hang out with Ann Marie for the night and order pizza. I got an e-mail from Andrew saying that I had a package coming, so make sure I was home. I called Julia, and they brought Ann Marie to me. My sneaky husband had no package, but surprised me by showing up here in Bowling Green. He couldn't stand the thought of us not being together on our 1 year anniversary. So, it was like old times, with Andrew and Ann Marie. Adam and Emily came over and hung out with us too!

Tonight, I am just sitting here at home, alone, pretty bored, watching Biggest Loser. It's tough to have my husband 2 hours away on lazy nights like tonight. I can't wait for him to be back tomorrow night for dinner with friends!

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