Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally back in Bowling Green for the Weekend

So, we were finally back in Bowling Green this weekend. The past 3 weekends, Addie (our dog) and I have traveled several places in Indiana to get to spend the weekend with Andrew. So, Friday night we went to watch Greenwood get slaughtered by Bowling Green with our great friends Keila and Andy. Keila is a dear friend that just got a job at Natcher (my school) and is such a great listener. Saturday brought some fun family times. My mom and dad came down for Emily's shower in Bowling Green. We went to dinner with Emily's mom and dad at Mariah's, then to Brusters for some good ice cream. Today has been great! Church, nursery, and a day at home doing NOTHING! It was great! Rented a movie, took a nap, cooked lunch, relaxation times 10.

Tomorrow brings Andrew driving back to Evansville at 5 am to get to work ontime. I start another week at school (2 weeks until Fall Break), but the sweet Gilliam family is having Addie and I over tomorrow night for girls' night. I am so excited and I love those sweet kids!! Andrew will be traveling to Iowa on Thursday and Friday, so if I don't update before then, please pray for safe travel. Also, friends from our small group had a baby on Thursday, 5 1/2 weeks early. He is doing well but still in NICU, so please keep them in your prayers as well!

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