Monday, June 20, 2011

2 months

Baby girl is ALREADY 2 months old!!! Time flies when you are having fun and being a mommy is SOO much fun!!

So, we go to the doctor tomorrow for our 2 month check up. I am going to guess that she weighs 11 lbs. 3 oz. and will be 23 inches long. I really have no idea if I am even in the ball park, but we will see. I'll post tomorrow night for those of you who are curious.

Month 2 has kept us busy...
We went to Cincinnati with mamaw, papaw, Uncle Adam, Aunt Em, and Bella. Elsie was awesome in the car and everywhere we went, which was a huge museum, PF Changs, IKEA, and Jungle Jim's. Elsie also swam for the firs time and liked it. The very next weekend, she went camping for the first time and was also a champ. She slept in her travel bed next to our air mattress in the tent. The next weekend was the huge family yard sale to raise money for MS. Once again, baby girl was so good. We had our first night with Daddy out of town, but luckily Aunt Em and Bella were at our house. We went to BG to help Adam and Em at their yard sale to bring home another cousin for Elsie. Elsie got to experience the Somerfest in Haubstadt, but didn't get to swim due to the weather:*(

We have spent TONS of time with Emily and Bella (and a little with Adam). It has been soo much fun to watch Bella interact with Elsie. She will say her name every time she sees her. It is so special to me that she knows her cousin so well already. She got to meet lots of new friends.

We spend our days hanging out at home. Elsie's schedule is eat, play, sleep, with play time becoming longer and sleeping becoming a little shorter. We go for walks in the neighborhood and spend mornings playing with the crew from across the street.

She has been sleeping around 5 hours at night, but will occassionally go 7 hours. We like those nights:) We are also working on a bedtime routine, but it hasn't been completely successful yet, but we are still trying.

Did I mention that we are loving being parents???

and now she would like her last feeding before off I go:)

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