Wednesday, January 12, 2011

E's nursery

When we first found out we were expecting, I immediately got online and started looking at bedding and nursery items. WOW! There is a lot out there. I knew that I didn't want anything with animals (ladybugs, butterflies, etc.) and not too many flowers. Don't get me wrong, I like these things, but I didn't want them in E's nursery. is what we got..., there were some other Paisley prints that I liked a ton more than this, but I couldn't bring myself to pay the prices for them. Now, that I have this one, I love it.

I decided that instead of trying to find tubs to go under the changing table, I would just get the ones that matched the bedding perfectly. I didn't think that would make the room "too matchy".

A dear friend is painting a bible verse on a canvas to go above the dresser. Then, we are putting picture frames on both sides of it hung with ribbon. I want to get some good pictures of both sides of the family to put in the frames.

I also ordered her name from Uppercase Living to put above the crib. Didn't want anything that could fall on her.

We also bought a rocker/recliner this weekend. We sat in several gliders and looked up reviews in my handy dandy book (I'll post on that later or tomorrow). We found that we were going to be paying $300 for a good glider and no promises that my tall hubby would be comfy in it. So, we decided on a rocker and we got it for less than $250.

The last thing that has caused me more grief that I would have liked, is CURTAINS!! UGH! We have no selection in Evansville, and I was a little nervous about getting them off the internet in case they were the wrong color.

So, we found some at Big Lots, got a rod at Menards (after I bought the wrong size, Andrew helped me and we got the right stuff).

The shelves on the right have 2 books that my cousins got for E. They were their favorite books when they were little, so they wanted to buy them for her. HOW SWEET! The other book is a bible from Aunt Em, Adam, and B. They wrote a super sweet note in it and made me cry on Christmas:)

The last for thing *really last this time* is the closet...I am glad my hubby is handy.

I am glad we started on the nursery early, I am terrible at making decision. I bought a lot, returned a lot, then would finally make a decision. This room is almost ready for our sweet baby girl.

I have decided that every time I walk into this room, I will say a quick prayer for E. That she will continue to grow and be healthy, that she will love Jesus, and that we will be great parents to her.


Anonymous said...

We LOVE little E's room!! You all did such a wonderful job!!! It is sooo cute and she will love it all. Love, The Gilliam's

Brittany said...

love love love it!!