Tuesday, December 28, 2010

24 1/2 weeks

how far along: 24 weeks last Thursday

total weight gain/loss: EVEN...Lost 7 in the beginning, but had gained it back as of my appt. last Monday

maternity clothes: sometimes, but only because I can't stand my pants tight. And most of the time, they are too big, so I have to pull them up ALL day.---same as 20 weeks except I am wearing them more frequently.

stretch marks: nope. But still putting lotion on all the time!

sleep: great, but annoying. I hate not being able to sleep on my stomach. I roll from side to side and have to move by body pillow with me each time...a process to say the least.

best moment this week: Christmas presents for our baby girl

movement: LOTS!! She is stubborn and not very active in the evenings when Andrew is home with me. So, he has not felt her yet.

food cravings: pizza...so lame, I know

gender: GIRL!!!

name: Elsie Ann Hughes

labor signs: nada

belly button in or out? in

what i miss: sleeping on my stomach!

weekly wisdom: I am not very full of wisdom these days

milestones: none that I can think of....I'm lame I know!

I went out shopping yesterday and found some great deals for little bit. Target had lots on clearance.

We are going out tonight to try to find shelves for her room. We are also putting the closet organizer in tonight.

Stay tuned for some super cute stuff Elsie got for Christmas.

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