Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bowling Green Visit/Snow Day

Last weekend, we headed down to Bowling Green for a visit. We made our first stop at the Snyder's house. We were able to have some of Jill's YUMMO speghatti and hang out. It was most definitely a great time and they suprised us with having Ann Marie over to visit also. We made home base at Andrew's parents house and they woke us both mornings with a delicious breakfast. Saturday morning we made our way to Emma G's ball game and to hang out with the Gilliam Family. Emma and I played the face game while Megan was horseback riding and Andrew was talking.
Then, we headed to a WKU game with Lindsay and Andrew Bragg and Andrew's parents. WKU did not impress us, but it was a great time non the less. Later in the evening, we met up with our friends Katie and Alex for some dinner. After some Wii with the 'rents, we went to bed to get up early for church. We got to see a lot of friends at church before we headed home. When we go to Bowling Green, it's always SUPER busy trying to see everyone. We miss everyone there and only have so much time to visit. God has truly blessed us with such great friends and family. FAST FORWARD............................................
This weekend, we hung out with friends from our small group Friday night and drove home in a winter wonderland. We thought we were getting 1-2 inches of snow and woke up to 7!!! YAY!! We took the dogs for a walk and played with the neighbors outside. Then, Chris and Mindy made us dinner! We have awesome friends remember. Below is our house in the snow.
I am looking forward to a great week. I got some new books delivered Friday from Barnes and Noble, so I have some reading to do! YAY!

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