Monday, July 11, 2011

Target couponing

I ventured out to Target, baby in tow this afternoon. I had several coupons and I wanted to see if it was worth hubby bringing home his work computer for me to print more...

This is no TLC Extreme Couponing, but I think I did pretty good.

Here is what I got:
2 packs of M and M's .79 each with a .75 off of 2......84 cents

Coffee (sample coupon I got in the mail)

Digiorno pizza $6 with $2 coupon (Facebook).....$4

Nail polish remover .97 with .50 coupon.....47 cents

Pantiliners .89 with .75 coupon.....14 cents

Bandages .97 with .75 coupon.....22 cents

Sharpies on sale for $1 with $1

Pens 1.24 with a $1 coupon.....24 cents

Tape $1 with a $1 times

The nutella, powered sugar, and nail clippers were just things we needed at home...$6

I had a $5 gift card from detergent and toilet paper this weekend. So I paid.....

6.65 out of my pocket:-)
(had I not needed the few things for home, it would have been less than $1 out of my pocket)

My next goal is to be a CVS couponer as well.

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melanie savoca said...

I'm so excited for you!! That seems pretty successful to me :)