Monday, July 18, 2011

3 months...

Elsie is SOOO much fun!!! During play time, she will talk to us, smile, watch her toys, try to grab the toys, when she gets a toy she puts it in her mouth, rolls all over the place, scoots a little...She is all over the place.

She is rolling back to belly and belly to back proficiently, which means she only gets swaddled with her arms out. We will be moving to the sleep sack soon.

She loves her playmat, even tho she rolls off of it. She tried to roll out of her bouncy seat. The jumper is a favorite and the swing is still a relaxtion/nap go to.

We have been going out in the evenings and letting Elsie roll around on a blanket in the grass and she LOVES her cuddle dog.

Elsie went to an Otters game and met some of the people her daddy works with. She went to Dale Hollow Lake with Andrew's family and went on her first boat ride. We have been swimming a couple of times and she loves the water. Elsie celebrated her first 4th of July. She had a cookout and got to meet the neighborhood kids that are her age. Watched Daddy play softball. Elsie watched her first parade at the Haubstadt Somerfest:)
MOST IMPORTANTLY-Elsie got to meet her cousin, Madelyn, that is one week older than her.

Goal for the next month-making a schedule for feeding and naps, sleeping in her bed at naptimes, and goig to sleep without being rocked or her swing.

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