Saturday, June 19, 2010

A week with 2 Children

I am still learning the art of uploading pictures on my blog. Below are pictures of Andrew and I's week with 2 children. We went swimming twice, fishing, splash park, Gattitown, McDonalds, Ice skating, gymnastics, "camp", played pinball, Wii, hung out with the neighbors. We stayed VERY busy!!

Emily in the pool

We went swimming a couple times, but I only got pictures from last night. Tim and Carolyn were very welcoming to us. And boy o boy did we have fun!

Bryce and his fish

Fishing fun!!! Andrew and his friend Chris took Bryce fishing. Emily and I didn't stay, but were there long enough to snap a picture.

Emily didn't LOVE the water, but she still had a great time.

Bryce LOVING the water!!

We went to the Splash Park in Henderson and had a picnic. I lathered the kids with sunscreen and forgot myself. So, I got toasty red...OOPS

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