Wednesday, July 15, 2009


First and foremost...

I GOT A JOB!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!! Well it's pending board approval, but I accepted the position. I will be an Elementary School Special Ed. Achievement Coach. I will be going to a few elementary schools and getting their more involved sp. ed. students into the regular ed. classes. I will be there to help with the supports and meetings between teachers. I don't know where I will be yet, or where my "home" base will be. I should be finding out more soon in new future. For the 3rd year in a row, I have to go to new teacher training Aug. 6 and 7, then report for the teachers first day Aug. 10!!

Now, this past weekend, we went to Camp Carson for the Tri-State MS S'mores and More weekend. It was a great time as we spent the day at the camp in the water, doing crafts, playing cornhole, eating, etc. Then, we spent the night at a local hotel and went back for a few more fun activities Sunday. I was having a great time and decided to be brave and go on the BLOB!! When I threw someone off the BLOB and moved down to the other end for someone else to "throw" me off, a little 50 lb. girl was behind me, but when it came time for the person to "3...2...1...BLOB me" I FLEW!!! Much higher than the girl in the picture! Andrew had snuck up and threw me off. Let's just say, it's a good thing I had my life jacket on and my legs are literally black, blue and purple because I landed on the back of my legs and IT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I'm not baby, but it really did hurt. So, still hurting, I go to the zip line. I am not afraid of heights, but when I got up there, I couldn't make myself go, so the worker pushed me off! It was AWESOME! I loved it. I got a bit of a wedgie, but no biggie and I paddled myself to where I could touch and the worker came down to un-hook me. I am almost unhooked and I am standing up with water to my knees. AND my dad, who was taking pictures, says...Amanda, fix your suit...HOLY MOLY i just mooned EVERYONE!!! I was brave though and went 1 more time and remembered to fix myself before I stood up.

So yeah! That's been us for the last couple days!


Brittany said...

SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

It sounds like the perfect postion! :)

Leading Lady said...
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