Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We just spent a week camping at Turkey Run with the fam! It was super fun, but super hott! We spend as much time as possible in the creek or in the pool.

The dog's feel the same way we felt on the way home. We had a hott week out in the sun, sleeping in a tent (wasn't all too bad), it was muggy, and we all wanted to sleep on the way home. Only, Andrew had to drive and due to the AC not being fixed in the escape, it was TOO hott for me to sleep. As a matter of fact, I rode with one leg up on the dash and that leg was 2 shades darker after the 3 hour ride. Pathetic...I know!
This is one of the many covered bridges in the area. This is what we saw everytime we picked up people that were done kayaking. You can also drive in this bridge which is super neat.

We made it:) The girls, mom, myself, aunt pam, and monika were the 2nd group to kayak. It was tons of fun and relaxing.

Pictures like these make me thank God for this beautiful earth. WOW!

Family photo next to a tree that had been uprooted. The dogs were VERY uncooperative and tried running away. The blue thing I am carrying is to help us slide down a rock. Which was VERy fun, but it was way too foggy down in the cave area to get pictures...sad day.

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