Sunday, June 7, 2009

The move and since...

So as soon as school was out Friday the 29th, I headed up to Evansville. I didn't even make it to my house before Andrew and I were out of town again. We helped a cousin get the rest of her stuff up to Indy. So, Andrew drove the U-haul and I followed behind. We were exhausted when we got there and went to bed, got up early, unloaded and made a 45 minute trip to his grandmom and granddad's house. It was a very nice afternoon visit. We headed home and did laundry all day Sunday, cut grass (only in the back), weed-eated, went kayaking and played softball. So, Monday when I was FRIED, I got to clean! WOO HOO!!!

So, I am helping out my cousin and working with her daughter this summer. We learned short "a" and read a bunch of "at" words, it was fun and awesome to get to hang out with them.

Tuesday, WE GOT GRASS!! Woo Hoo!! They came and put sod in the front yard and it made the house look completely different. We are now obligated to keep it soaked for the next 2 weeks and try not to keil over when the water bill comes.

Wednesday the craziness started again. Every year my family has a HUGE rummage sale and ALL of the proceeds to go the Tri-State MS Association. Wednesday night, we set up tents and tables. Then Thursday, we unpack the semi trailer, all garages, and the mall storage. It takes ALL day, and at 5 the madness occurs. Check out the pictures below to see some of the madness.

The house with grass!!!
People were everywhere. It was the black friday of rummage sales.

There was this many people for at least 3 hours Thursday night.

This is the people lined up waiting to come in.

THE RESULT: Almost $6,000 raised!! Go Hirsch Fam!
So as soon as everything was cleaned up Saturday, we made the haul back to Bowling Green. Some friends from our small group had a daughter turning 1, so we went to her birthday party. We then, went to Andrew's parents for dinner with them and aunts and uncles. It was lots of fun, even though the boys beat us in PopCulture Trival Pursuit. Sunday, we made our way to the Hughes' family reunion, only to be greeted by tons of people I had never seen before, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. They were all very sweet people.
Now, we are home for the evening. The dogs survived with my little brother and cousin. Addie got to cuddle with Nathan since I wasn't home. Tomorrow starts another week and hopefully landscaping will get done:)

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