Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 16

how far along: 16 weeks as of tomorrow. I have an appointment Monday morning.

total weight gain/loss: not yet, actually from 8-12 weeks I lost 4 lbs. NO idea how I did that, but I did. On my scale at home, I haven't gained, but we'll see.

maternity clothes: nope...but they are getting a little tighter.

stretch marks: nope.

sleep: got a body pillow and it has been great, except now that I am congested and can't breathe through my nose at night

best moment this week: looking at car seats, strollers, pack and plays, etc.

movement: not that I know of...

food cravings: NO! Most of the time NOTHING sounds good!!! It is so annoying at times!

gender: 1 week and we will know!! WOO HOO!

name: We have some ideas for a girl, but NONE for a boy, suggestions welcome!

labor signs: thankfully, no.

belly button in or out? in

what i miss: sleeping on my stomach!

weekly wisdom: ummm...I'm not very full of wisdom on Saturday morning

milestones: none that I can think of....I'm lame I know!

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