Monday, July 26, 2010

My favorite Evansville Otter

My younger cousin, Travis, and I grew up together. My mom babysat him several summers when we were younger. When I was a senior in high school, he was a freshman, and I picked him up every morning for school. I have been watching him play baseball for YEARS! (along with football and basketball). When he went to college, I didn't get to see him play nearly as much, esp. since he is a relief pitcher and doesn't play every game.

Now, he is an Evansville Otter. I am very proud of him and love to go watch him play in the evenings at Bosse Field!
Here are some pics of him pitching last night and me with my favorite Otter.


Brittany said...

that is a great picture of you guys!!!!

emily jochim said...

love the new look. and look at you getting fancy with photos in different places :)