Friday, April 23, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

So, I am putting off cleaning my house by.....

trying out this Fab 5 Friday thing!

1. Tuesday, I went and bought a storm door to go on the front door of our house. Andrew spent 4 hours (3 with my dad helping) putting it in. I LOVE having my front door open and letting the light in!!!!
Larson 36" Signature Series Bevel White Storm Door Brushed Nickel
2. Childrens Books of any size, shape or kind. I have an obsession with Scholastic Book Order forms and have to restrain myself or I would be a SUPER poor teacher with way too many books.

3. Retractable dog leashes: For those of you that don't know. We have 2 beagle mix dogs. They used to be allowed to go out back to potty without leashes, but after chasing them one too many times, they have to go out on a leash. So, I stand on the patio and they go to the yard to do their business. Well, Monday, one of them broke (while the neighbor girl had Dopey). I didn't realize how much I liked them, until one of them was gone.
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4. my sewing machine: Andrew told me to get a hobby...(due to me being bored so often), So I did. I have made burpies, dresses, onsies and I hope to try a little outfit this summer.
Product Image
5. A kitchen disinfectant that smells good:)
All Purpose Cleaner

I guess I am off to clean now...

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