Friday, January 30, 2009


So, I have always thought that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. Now, after having 4 snow days in a row, I'm not really sure just what I want to do. The whole time I thought about how much school work I needed to be doing, but it is all still sitting out in my car and was only moved to allow room for the dog in the front seat. So, instead of doing school work, I thought I would read, only I finished my book on Tuesday and had 3 more days of "nothing" to do. So, I was totally addicted to facebook. I know, it's pathetic, but when the dog doesn't talk back and you live alone, there is nothing else to do. Especially Tuesday night when the cellular connection didn't work either. I mean, I went to the gym every day, but still there was not much interaction. I even went to the paint store, still not much human interaction.

However, I was lucky enough to have lunch with some friends yesterday who also went to the gym with me. Then last night, I got to go to a MaryKay/Tastefully Simply party and my Ester Bible Study. The few days off, I was able to without any rush spend some time in the Bible with Ester in my Beth Moore study. I have not been very consistant in my quiet time and devotionals. I had strayed away with the expection of my Wednesday afternoon date with Romans. Even then, I didn't have as much time as I would have liked. So, hopefully the past 4 days have helped in developing the love of reading the Bible. I am excited to get my Ester book out tonight and dig into it again.

On a funny note...I hung out with Ann Marie McDonald today (who was not happy that I forgot her birthday was Wednesday). She was so funny. She said (after Addie would not lay with her on her black couch) "How about, we change places and I live in this compartment and I lay on your red couch not my black couch". I mean I love my compartment...but yeah.

Andrew is now on his way to BG, and this is awesome since he did not oget to come due to the weather in Evansville Wednesday night. YEAH!!!!! HUMAN INTERACTION all weekend:)

^^Please pray for my family up in Evansville. My parents, one set of grandparents, and brother are staying with another aunt and uncle while the rest of the family is spread amongst other places. My cousin had a lot of family staying with her, then she lost her power today. So, that is even more people misplaced. Her sister, who has 2 small children also lost her power. My parents, like most parents, had a freezer in the basement with all kinds of meat, that now has to be cooked. It's 46 degrees in my parents house. It's not pretty up there and it could be weeks. So please pray for God to grant patience to those without and those with that are housing other people. Pray for the Utility workers who are working around the clock to get this fixed. Pray for things to get better soon.

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